88% of councils have an Urban Forest Strategy according to Greener Spaces Better Places

Monday, 17 May 2021

The latest Greener Spaces Better Places ‘Where Will all the Trees Be?’ Local Government survey results are now available.

Led by RMIT University and funded by Hort Innovation, this report is the third of its kind, providing results from surveying 169 Local Government Areas (LGA) on urban green cover increase and decline. People surveyed included those responsible for implementing greenspaces at a local council level including council planners, arborists, sustainability officers and more.

Looking at changes in green cover over time, this report identifies what places will be most and least challenged to grow and maintain green cover in the future.

Utilising a Likert Scale to assess attitudes towards policies and strategies to implement more greenlife within council areas, the results will enable industry to better understand the key challenges and policies respondents are facing.

Key takeaways

  • 88% of councils report having an Urban Forest Strategy or are developing one.
  • 91% of councils have a dedicated tree planting program.
  • However, 42% do not agree that budgets have enabled councils to explore innovative design solutions when needed.
  • 72% say that there is LGA/organisational support for greening on private land.

Findings from this survey will help support industry by reinforcing the value of urban greenspace and showcasing the importance of councils continuing planting programs by demonstrating the benefits of plants and living infrastructure and offering solutions for policymakers.

Access the Local Government survey results report here.

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For more information, please contact the team at: hello@greenerspacesbetterplaces.com.au

The ‘Where Will all the Trees Be?’ (NY19001) project has been funded by Hort Innovation using the vegetable, nursery, melon and potato research and development levies and contribution from the Australian Government.