Advisory panel welcomes new Chair

Michael Worthington has been appointed as Chair of the Strategic Investment Advisory Panel (SIAP) for the nursery industry.

michael-worthingtonHorticulture Innovation Australia (Hort Innovation) recently selected independent Chairs for all SIAPs, to ensure the defined objectives of the panels are met while maintaining good governance and process around discussions.

Mr Worthington brings more than 25 years of vertically-integrated food and agriculture business experience to the role. Currently Chairman of the Fresh Product Safety Centre, he has worked across an extensive range of enterprises, including production, processing, supply chain logistics and marketing for Australia, Asia, UK and US markets.

The SIAP held several face-to-face meetings in 2016, reviewing the current R&D nursery program and marketing outputs as well as assessing proposals for future investment.

One of the recurring topics was the development of the new Strategic Investment Plan (SIP) for the nursery industry for the 2017-2021 period which will drive decisions by the SIAP under the guidance of Mr Worthington.

Hort Innovation has contracted Pat Abraham from Key-Link Solutions to work with key industry leaders and growers to develop the SIP, setting the strategic direction for nursery levy investment in research and development (R&D), and marketing.

This process included the assessment of current priorities and the identification of key trends impacting the industry over the next five years.

SWOT analysis and background papers formed the basis of discussion for the SIAP meetings, developed though online surveys and one-on-one discussions with panel members and other supply chain stakeholders.

The draft SIP is expected to be released for public comment later this month.

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