Australian nursery world’s best?

Australia’s entrant in the International Association of Horticultural Producers’ Grower of the Year Award has been selected as one of only six finalists from around the world.

Mansfield’s Propagation Nursery from Victoria was nominated by Nursery & Garden Industry Australia (NGIA) after winning two national awards for three years running.

“It is great news for Australia to have our entrant in contention for the prestigious Golden Rose, the equivalent of an Olympic gold medal for our industry,” the CEO of NGIA, Mr Robert Prince said today.

“The world-class standard of Mansfield’s entry prepared for the judging panel reflected the standard and quality of their nursery, so it is only fitting they have made it into the world’s top six contenders for the award,” Mr Prince added.

It is the first time an Australian nursery has been selected as a finalist for the Award, which is presented each year by the International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH).

Mansfield’s Propagation Nursery has twice been inducted into the NGIA’s Hall of Fame after winning the industry’s Best Propagation Nursery title for three years from 2009-2012 and the National Training Award from 2010-2012.

A family-owned business, Mansfield’s Nursery supplies commercial nurseries and the landscaping industry with trees, shrubs, grasses and perennials.

The NIASA accredited and EcoHort certified nursery, located in the outer Melbourne suburb of Skye, produces 2.5 million plants a year and employs up to 45 staff.

Mansfield’s Business Development Manager, and third generation of the family in the business, Mr Daniel Mansfield, said the whole team were honoured to be selected.

“It is a phenomenal result. Having travelled overseas and seen the best in the nursery industry, we are honoured to be among them.  Our selection is a tribute to all the great work our staff and management team do,” Mr Mansfield added.

He will be travelling to the Netherlands next month to be at the AIPH Congress when the winner will be announced. The Congress is on September 9-13.

Mansfield’s Nursery will be competing for the title of the world’s best grower with nurseries from Canada, England, Italy, Netherlands and Belgium.