Budget tool set to showcase costs & benefits of establishing trees in urban landscape

Thursday, 5 September 2020

A new nursery levy funded project aims to develop a budget tool that can calculate the costs associated with a successfully planted urban tree over the course of its lifecycle.

The budget tool will be a valuable resource for industry and local governments to use in highlighting the costs and benefits associated with the successful establishment of tree-based urban greenspace.

Developing a more accurate way of determining the current costs to establish and maintain trees in an urban setting will allow industry to raise awareness and better communicate the value of more green life in our urban landscapes.

Greater urban greenspace is needed to increase the liveability of our cities, particularly with the associated health and environmental benefits stemming from cleaner air and cooler cities.

The aim is that by providing a tool which can quantify a cost-benefit analysis of establishing urban trees, the industry will be able to better promote its value.

The project will address the following key initiatives:

  • Perform a global review to determine approaches undertaken to quantify the cost for the successful establishment of trees in the urban landscape
  • Explore opportunities to adopt, adapt, or develop a new budget tool that can calculate the costs associated with the successful establishment of trees, with key cost components, and
  • Achieve adoption of a budget tool by Local Government Areas, as well as state and federal authorities when setting planting goals.

Keep an eye out for updates as this project progresses!

Budget tool to calculate the cost to successfully establish trees in the urban landscape (NY18003) is funded by Hort Innovation using nursery industry levies and funds from the Australian Government.