Changes to Quarantine Approved Premises (QAPs) for Open Quarantine Areas for Approved Bulbs


The Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry has released a discussion paper for planned changes to Quarantine Approved Premises (QAP) with respect to bulbs from approved sources.

Four key changes are proposed;

Option for self-inspection of certified bulbs

Current DAFF requirements are that all bulbs must be inspected by DAFF per individual planting before release from quarantine. Under the proposed , changes the QAP operator will be able to self-inspect individual plantings of certified bulbs for disease symptoms weekly providing the results to DAFF prior to release.

DAFF will however continue inspecting non-certified bulbs as per the existing requirements.

Self-managed bulb transfer

Bulbs transfers between QAP’s can be self-managed, with the provision of maintaining accurate records which will be audited by DAFF

SOP requirements

All QAPs will require a standard operating plan (SOP) to be submitted and this will be used by DAFF in the audit process.

Removal of separate QAP class criteria for storage of bulbs

QAP class 2.5 will be removed and facilities under this provision will be approved as a QAP for Open quarantine ofbulbs (Class 6.11).

For further information please refer to the link on the DAFF website here .