Confidentiality a priority for industry market research project

The new nursery industry market research project is seeking participation from all greenlife producers, allied traders and growing media suppliers to deliver an ‘industry first’.  Never before has there been an opportunity to measure and map the nursery industry from the farm gate and to provide each data contributor with a free report on their position in the industry.

The importance of this information cannot be understated.  Recent investigations into statistical reports on nursery or containing nursery data indicate there is a great risk of the nursery and garden industry being grossly undervalued.  The new research project is an opportunity for industry operators to take control of what is reported about the industry and to provide credible, useful and timely statistics for advocating by industry leaders.

Aware of the nursery community’s concerns over sharing confidential information, the Industry Reference Group together with NGIA and GfK Informark prioritised the privacy and confidentiality elements of the methodology and process for data contribution.

A range of measures have been integrated to ensure contributor data security include:

  • Third party data submission
  • Secure GfK Informark portal which is accessed only via a user name and password for confidential online data submission and report download
  • Contractual agreements clearly detailing contributor ownership of raw data and restricting access to other parties; and
  • Strategies to protect new contributors to the research making identification of individual contributors more difficult.

Businesses who commit to contributing data will benefit from a free business performance report each year of their Agreement.  These reports will provide a confidential and valuable insight into a business’ external performance within the industry across multiple product lines and stock distribution channels.

Industry support is vital to the success of this project.  To register as a Contributor in the market research project or to view sample reports visit or contact Kobie Keenan on (02) 8861 5100 or via email at


For further information, logos, report sample images and quotes on the Nursery Industry Market Research project please contact Kobie Keenan on (02) 8861 5100 or via email at

The Nursery Industry Market Research Project is funded by the Nursery Industry Levy and matched by the Australian Government through Horticulture Australia Limited.   Nursery & Garden Industry Australia (NGIA) are administering the project in conjunction with GfK Informark (an independent market research company).