Introducing the 202020 Vision



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The Australian nursery industry is proud to announce the next phase of its levy funded marketing campaign – the 202020 Vision! The message behind this incredible new initiative is simple – 20% more green space in urban areas by 2020. It builds onto the successful Improve your Plant/Life Balance campaign in order to bring together Australia’s leading green space projects and advocates. Planning is underway to launch the campaign in September 2013. As this stage we are looking to inform people about the campaign and involve as many people to ensure its success. The more people who get involved, the better it gets!

Here’s how you can get involved:

Visit the current campaign page (the full website goes up before the campaign goes live in September!) at

    1. Become a program Visionary. Supply us with your contact details and when the campaign goes live in September, you’ll be listed as a supporter of the 202020 Vision.
    2. Add your organisation as a supporter. Supply us with your contact details and we’ll be in-touch to find out more. When the campaign goes live in September, your organisation may be featured on the website.
    3. Know any other organisations that should be featured? Tell us and we’ll tell them:
    4. Do you know of any green space projects in your state that should be featured? Simply email what you know to

and we’ll do the rest. Once the campaign goes live in September, you’ll be able to browse through these and many more projects featured on the website, and will be able to add additional ones as you browse.

        • Who do you think should be a program advocate? They will be key spokespeople that can spread the word to the media? Tell us by emailing
        • Next, please download the asset pack (Contact Dr Anthony Kachenko) and put it to use.This means:
          • using the 202020 Visions header on your Facebook page
          • adding the 202020 Vision logo to your email footer
          • printing the posters and putting them up in your office, nursery or store

          Finally, think about rebadging your truck. Use the logo to make a big badge on the side. It’s easy. The instructions (coming soon!) in the asset pack will show you how.We also offer advocate specific assets, please get in touch to discuss.

           Got any other ideas? We’d love to hear them. Just get in touch through