Marketing Update: 2021 Plant Life Balance Trend Report

Wednesday, 20 January 2021

The 2021 Plant Life Balance Trend Report is here! 

Following the success of the 2020 Trend Report which reached over 9 million plant buying Australians, the 2021 Plant Life Balance Trend Report has been developed in partnership with a panel of Australia’s leading nursery industry experts, academics, and interior stylists.

To inspire Australian plant-lovers – both new and experienced – to continue to fill their homes and outdoor spaces with plants in 2021, the Plant Life Balance team is currently executing a broad scale media relations campaign, supported by social media and further blog content to ‘amplify’ the report, keep greenlife top of mind, and promote the health and well-being benefits of plants.

Funded by Hort Innovation using nursery industry marketing levies, the report was developed through the ‘Industry extension and development of Plant Life Balance’ (NY18005) project, working to promote the value of greenlife in Australian homes, businesses and broader communities.

The Plant Life Balance team will soon be hosting an industry-facing webinar to ‘unpack’ the trends and provide guidance on how you can get the most out of the report in your nursery business marketing efforts, as we look to further build the demand for greenlife. Stay tuned for details on joining this webinar.

2021 Plant Trend Report

According to the latest Plant Trend Report, 2020 saw an increase in Australia’s passion for both being in nature and home gardening, a trend that experts predict will continue into the coming year.

The 2021 Report explores how COVID-19 offered an opportunity for Australians to transform their homes and working spaces with greenlife and connect more with nature.

To gather data, the Plant Life Balance team conducted a market research study with over 1,000 Australian greenlife consumers who purchased a plant or tree in the last 12 months, 17 nursery industry experts, and analysed 100 sources of international, mainstream and specialist publications to better understand people’s changed relationship with plants during the global pandemic and its impact on future trends.

Ultimately, they wanted to find out:

  • Where we are placing plants in our home
  • How we are utilising plants
  • What we can learn from plants
  • How we connect with plants

From this, the team identified the following five key plant trends for 2021:

Trend 1: Greening where we work

As up to 60% of Australians are wanting to split their working time between working from home and the office, flexible arrangements or hybrid working models are here to stay for many Australians. According to the research, 2021 will see the greater utilisation of greenlife in those workspaces to enhance productivity.

Trend 2: A daily dose of vitamin G(reen)

The desktop research and interviews performed through this study, discovered that during the pandemic most Australians used their home as a space for relaxation, mindfulness or fitness. The Plant Life Balance team predict that nature-based practices and remedies will be used to offer relief and complement these activities.

Trend 3: The lessons of nature

As Australian families spent more time inside due to COVID-19, many children lost their daily connection with nature. However, the demand for time outside and ‘nature play’ increased during this period and 2021 will see nature being embraced as an everyday teacher to complement learning within the home.

Trend 4: Introducing, ‘The Plant-ertainer’

According to the report, when entertaining at home, people will look to add plants to all aspects of entertaining whether that be through food garnishing, table setting or adding to décor.

Trend 5: Growing for the glow

The report predicts that many Australians will continue to grow their own food in 2021, as a way to achieve greater ‘inner fulfilment’ and feelings of security.

The 2021 Plant Trend Report will be the key asset for Plant Life Balances media engagement in 2021, calling upon the experts profiled in the report to provide comments throughout the year to further amplify green messaging.

So please feel free to use the Plant Life Balance Trend report in your marketing efforts in FY21 and beyond and keep an eye out for more communications from the Plant Life Balance team.

And don’t forget to download the 2021 Plant Trend report here!

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