MEDIA RELEASE 14.10.15 – My Park Rules

Children across Australia re-imagine their local parks for a greener future

MPR_logoFrom Sydney to Brisbane to Perth, school communities across Australia will re-imagine their local parks and green spaces in the hope of leaving a green legacy for future generations.

Launching Today (Oct 14),  My Park Rules, a national competition created in collaboration with    202020 Vision and Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) will encourage school groups and    community clubs to submit their under-loved park to be transformed for a greener future.

My Park Rules competition will allow student’s imaginations to flourish and grow with the best parks and green spaces to be designed by a Landscape Architect. State finalists will be announced by a panel of high-profile judges, including Lucy Turnbull AO, on December 10, 2015 with one lucky finalist to see their dream park designed and built.

Lucy Turnbull AO, when asked about the importance of green spaces in schools and communities said,    “I am very happy to participate in the My Park Rules project. Encouraging school children to use their creativity and passion to imagine a better place is as fun and exciting as it is empowering. It teaches kids that they have the ability to imagine, shape and create their own futures”.

Shahana McKenzie CEO of AILA says, “This competition is not just about transforming one space in one school – its about getting schools and communities in Australia to rally together and seriously consider the    importance of well-designed outdoor spaces for their wellbeing, today and in the future”.

Australian kids spend, on average, 20% of their time at school outside, yet there is nowhere near this amount of investment going into outdoor spaces. Research shows, giving kids access to nature promotes their mental and emotional wellbeing and can have a positive effect on their behaviour.

“Well-designed green spaces in schools are a vital resource – giving kids a real connection to the environment they live in and the community that supports their learning. My Park Rules is a great opportunity for a school and its community to work together and create a lasting legacy for their school” says Phillip Spratt, President of Australian Council of State School Organisations (ACSSO).

Investing in green spaces is essential in the prevention and reduction of some of Australia’s biggest issues,  including escalating health costs, climate change and workplace productivity.

My Park Rules will launch nationally on October 14.  The competition will see schools and communities from across Australia submitting their dream park plans to be judged by an all-star panel of experts who will help make their park come to life.


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