Multi-active minor use permits renewed for nursery industry

Friday, 5 February 2021

Through the recently completed, ‘National Nursery Industry Biosecurity Program’ (NY15004), levy funds and additional contributions from the Australian Government were used to apply for and renew minor use permits. This function is to be carried over in the new ‘National Biosecurity and Sustainable Plant Production Program’ (NY20001) recently contracted to Greenlife Industry Australia.

Greenlife Industry Australia is consistently working to ensure industry has access to new pesticide chemistry through the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) minor use permit (MUP) program.

A particular focus has been on addressing the ongoing issue of multi-active MUPs that were previously approved by the APVMA, but in 2020 were no longer considered for renewal or approval. This position meant that two multi-active MUPs (PER81707 Insecticides and PER81491 Fungicides) were no longer available to industry.

The team at Greenlife Industry Australia have been working to find a solution to the issue through discussions and submitting proposals to the APVMA.

While proposal discussions are underway, the APVMA has now renewed PER81707 multi-active Insecticide and replaced the multi-active Fungicide with PER90148 for a period of 6 months to June 2021, in anticipation of reaching a workable solution to the current issues around multi-active MUPs.

All current minor use permits for the industry and the conditions of their use, are searchable at and are listed on the industry technical website under ‘Technical Information <Minor Use Permits for Pesticides>’ at


Minor use permits are applied for via strategic levy-funded projects with additional contributions from the Australian Government.