National code of practice for chemicals of security released


Code of practice_Page_1The Attorney Generals Department in Canberra recently released a voluntary National Code of Practice for Chemicals of Security Concern. NGIA have been engaged with the development of the code to ensure it didn’t create unnecessary hurdles or excessive red tape for industry.

The voluntary code provides guidance to sectors who work with one or more of the 11 high-risk chemicals that could be used to make homemade bombs. The code is based off ‘good business practice’ that prevents the loss and theft of chemicals and encourages organisations to consider and examine their own risks from a national security perspective.

The voluntary code is not about making it harder for users to access chemicals, but rather, about users keeping an eye out for anything suspicious and reporting it to the National Security Hotline – 1800 123 400. The voluntary code is designed with the 11 high-risk chemicals in mind; however it may be extended in the future. To download a copy of the voluntary code, visit the Chemicals of Security Concern website HERE.