NGIA CEO update – September 2016

Hi Everyone

Welcome to Spring which I hope will be extremely prosperous for all members of the NGI network.  August was another interesting month of events which included an NGIA Board meeting, the NGI network 202020 Vision Program workshop, another NGI CEO teleconference and a meeting at and tour of Alpine Nurseries for the nursery industry communications team.

Below I will detail some of the key NGIA activities and how they will be progressed:

  1. NGI Structure Review:

The information and data gathering activities that will contribute to the development of the structure review report and recommendations have been completed.  Significant input has been provided by NGI members and other industry stakeholders through written submissions, the survey, consultation meetings (“Town Hall” style, National and State NGI Board, other member and stakeholder) and research by the review committee on other industry and commercial organisational structures.

The review committee have just completed a two day workshop to work through all the information obtained and to start drafting the report.  It is envisaged that the report will be completed by mid-October.  When completed the report will be provided to the State and Territory NGI Presidents and CEOs and the NGIA Board for review and consideration of the recommendations.

The next NGIA Board meeting will be conducted on 14 and 15 November.  It will be at this meeting that a session including the NGIA Board, the structure review committee and the State NGI Presidents and CEOs will be convened to receive a presentation from the committee and to discuss and work through the recommendations of the report.  All members and stakeholders will be kept informed of developments, actions and implications from the structure review.

  1. 202020 Vision Program Workshop

Horticulture Innovation Australia (HIA) held a workshop for NGI representatives to provide an update on the current status of the program and an overview of the “scope of works” for this financial year being the 4th year of the program.  We (the NGI representatives) were provided with the details to become advocates for the program to help explain it to members and to “spruik” it to the broader industry and community.  We then all had the opportunity to deliver our “one minute elevator pitch” summary of the 20V Program to attendees.  My take on the program is below.

202020 Vision Program – Peter Vaughan summary

  1. What – The 20V program is a marketing program to increase the amount of green space in urban areas.
  1. Highlights – The program highlights:
  • The importance of green space for health, well-being and productivity;
  • The barriers to creating more green space and how they can be addressed; and
  • The increase in value from green space to residential, commercial and industrial property.
  1. Audiences – The program targets the following four key audiences that control land that plants go into with specific tools and guides:
  • Government/Councils – How to Grow an Urban Forest
  • Developers – Tools for green space planning and development
  • Schools – How to establish a new park in a school
  • Consumers – The Healthy Home Index
  1. Network – The 20V Program has a network of over 350 businesses and more than 3,000 individuals that are contributing to the vision of creating “20% more green space in urban areas by 2020”.

Benefits to Nursery Businesses – This is your program, funded with your levy to keep your business sustainable, profitable and viable into the future.

  1. Biosecurity Program and Nursery Production Farm Management System (NPFMS):

John McDonald (NGIA National Biosecurity Manager) attended the NGIA Board meeting in August and made a presentation on the nursery industry biosecurity and the NPFMS programs.  The key points from the presentation were:

  • There are four themes of the Biosecurity Program – 1. BioSecure HACCP; 2. Biosecurity Preparedness; 3. Biosecurity Awareness; 4. Minor Use Program (MUP).
  • Biosecurity awareness, education and training – NGIA is in the process of developing the stakeholder engagement plan for the program and to determine the right medium to use for raising biosecurity awareness, education and training. One format will be to develop sensible and efficient videos to highlight key aspects of the biosecurity program.
  • Strategic Agrichemical Review Process (SARP) – John is working with HIA on the SARP for the nursery industry. It can identify products available internationally that could be bought into Australia.  It could assess by cropping systems (tube stock, trees, shrubs, potted colour, etc) and target the different sectors.
  • MUP – The National and State NGI network will work to develop a mechanism to obtain input on what MUP are required for industry.
  • BioSecure HACCP Governance Committee (BHGC) – The BHGC has oversight of the program and is made up of Simon Smith – NT (Chair), Colin Groom -WA, Wayne Parr – QLD, Tony Vanderstaay – Tas, John Marshall – Vic, David Eaton – SA, Mark Engall –NSW (proposed) and John.
  • NPFMS – the transition of the administration and management of the NPFMS Programs (NIASA, EocHort and BioSecure HACCP) to NGIA are continuing. The aim is to have this completed by the end of the year with NGIA fully administering the program from 1 January 2017.  The next communique on the program will be provided to NPFMS participants shortly.
  • NPFMS opportunities – John and I are exploring opportunities for wider adoption and use of NPFMS. Industries approach included bananas, avocado, nut and vegetable.
  1. NGIA Communications:

The emphasis of “engaging” with members is paramount in one of the new NGIA strategy imperative of Engaging and Connecting Industry.  A new approach to NGIA communications is being developed to ensure the following stages of the process are achieved by and for members:

  1. Awareness; 2 Receipt; 3. Opening; 4. Reading; 5. Understanding; and 6. Take action

Please contact me at if you have any comments or would like to raise any issues with me.  I look forward to hearing from you.


Peter Vaughan