Nursery Industry Levy Funded Research

The outcomes of a Nursery Levy funded research project have just been published in the journal; Children, Youth and Environments. The research conducted by Anne-Marie Morrissey, Caroline Scott and Llewellyn Wishart from Deakin University focused on the influence of natural elements in childcare outdoor play spaces. Plant material used in the study was kindly provided by Flemings Nursery.

The study introduced a new design to the outdoor play space and compared the pre and post greening responses the children in a childcare centre.

From the study it was concluded that the introduction of natural and built design elements, as part of the greening of the infants’ and toddlers’ play space, led to an increase in the level and variety of children’s movement and physical activity.

The full published study is available through the journal website  or for more information check the December 2014 edition of the Nursery Papers available on the Nursery & Garden Industry Australia website