Pest of the month: Bean spider mite

Month: May 2017

Pest of the month: Bean spider mite (Tetranychus ludeni)

Category name: Mites

Importance: Minor – sometimes important

Similar to: Two-spotted mite

Description: Egg: Minute, globular, almost transparent, can have reddish tinge. Immatures: Similar to two-spotted mite. Adult: Uniformly dark red, distinguishing it from two-spotted mite which is yellowish-green with two dark spots. In cooler climates the red overwintering phase of two-spotted mite is a lighter red than that of bean spider mite.

Damage: Feeds on underside of leaf and sometimes on upper surface. Leaves become mottled and bleached. Severe infestations can cause premature leaf fall. Damaging populations develop quickly in warm, dry conditions.

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