Public Comment Now Open on Proposed Australian Standard ‘AS 2303 Tree Stock for Landscape Use’

DSC01963A draft version of the proposed Australian Standard ‘AS 2303 Tree Stock for Landscape Use’ was recently finalised by the NGIA National Tree Standard Steering Committee (NNTSSC) and the Australian Standard EV-18 Committee. This follows some 18 months of consultation with a variety of stakeholders following initial dialogue on the need for an Australian Standard at the NGIA National Conference at the Gold Coast in March 2012.

The finalised draft Australian Standard is now available for public consultation through Standards Australia until 18 November 2013. It is extremely important that all of industry have the opportunity to review the finalised draft Australian Standard and provide feedback on technical content, wording and general arrangement of the draft.

The method for submission of comments is to register and fill in an online form via the Standards Hub Website using the following link—

Upon visiting this link, enter ‘Tree’ in the search field to locate the draft Australian Standard. You will then click ‘Make comment’ which will enable you to create an account in order to download the draft Australian Standard and register your feedback.

Comment must be online via the Standard Hub Website as any emails or forms sent to Standards Australia will not be considered once Public Comment is complete. This is also to acknowledge copyright requirements of the proposed draft Australian Standard and to ensure a transparent process.

At the end of public consultation, the draft Australian Standard can go one of three ways.

  1. If the comments received are minor in nature, and if there is widespread support of the draft Australian Standard, these comments will be incorporated into the draft Australian Standard and it will then progress to publication.
  2. If the comments are major, the draft Australian Standard will be amended and will return to a second round of public consultation at a later date.
  3. The draft Australian Standard will be abandoned.

If you have any queries regarding the submission of comments, please contact Anthony Kachenko at NGIA on or 02 8861 5106.