Update on nursery industry access to minor use permits


The following minor use permits have been issued by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) for the Australian nursery industry during the past 12 months. Access PDF copies of these permits by visiting the APVMA website.

Permit ID Description Date Issued Expiry Date
PER12543 Movento (spirotetramat) / Nursery stock (non food) / Aphids, scale insects and whitefly 28-Jun-13 31-May-15
PER12661 Pristine (boscalid + pyraclostrobin) / Nursery Stock / Powdery Mildew, Grey Mould, Anthracnose, Leaf spot and Blotch 30-Aug-12 31-May-15
PER13330 Ecocarb (potassium bicarbonate) / Nursery stock non-food / Powdery mildew 11-Oct-12 31-May-15
PER13382 Durivo (chlorantraniliprole + thiamethoxam) / Nursery Stock (non-food) / Diamond Black Moth, Cabbage White Butterfly, Heliothis, Loopers, Leafhoppers, Aphids, Thrips & Whitefly 28-Aug-12 31-May-15
PER13459 Aero (metiram + pyraclostrobin) / Nursery stock / Alternaria, Phytophthora, Colletotrichum, Powdery mildew & Downy mildew 14-May-13 31-May-15
PER13760 Dimethoate / Cut flowers & ornamentals / Spiraling Whitefly 01-Dec-12 30-Nov-13
PER13942 Suscon Maxi Insecticide (imidacloprid) / Nursery stock / Various insects 05-Feb-13 31-May-15
PER13953 Confidor 200 SC (imidacloprid) / Propagation Nursery Stock / Silverleaf Whitefly 01-Mar-13 31-May-15
PER13959 Brigade (bifenthrin) / Nursery Stock (non-food and non-bearing fruit trees) / Red Imported Fire Ant 01-Apr-13 31-Mar-18
PER14225 Copper oxychloride, Mancozeb & Triforine / Ornamentals & Non-fruit bearing plants of the Myrtaceae family / Myrtle rust 28-Jun-13 30-Sep-18

Provision of these minor use permits is funded by Horticulture Australia Limited using the nursery industry levy with matched funds from the Australian Government (Project Number NY12001).