Workshops: building on-farm biosecurity and resilience

Image courtesy of NGIT

Growers are invited to attend a series of upcoming biosecurity workshops and farm walks, aimed at providing practical tips for monitoring pests and diseases as well as a step-by-step process for diagnosing unknown plant health problems.

Entomologists and plant pathologists Andrew Manners and John Duff, who specialise in production nursery biosecurity at the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF), are running the workshops as part of the nursery levy funded project Building the resilience and on-farm biosecurity capacity of the Australian production nursery industry (NY15002).

When it comes to the management of pests and diseases affecting your plants, knowledge is power. A range of problems will be addressed, including those caused by insects, mites, diseases and abiotic stress. Management options and resources for many causes, including pesticides, will also be discussed.

The workshop will also provide advice on how to cost-effectively capture images of pest and disease problems, both in the field and in office and laboratory situations. Photos can be sent to diagnostic services for assistance in identifying pests and diseases, and the better they are, the more useful they are.

A farm walk as part of each event will give growers practical insights into how individual nursery managers address pest and disease management.

Workshop dates are below. Details will be confirmed as locations and venues are locked in. Contact your state NGI to find out more and register your interest.

  • Victoria – (completed)
  • South Australia – (completed)
  • Northern Queensland – (completed)
  • Northern Territory – (completed)
  • Western Australia – Wednesday, 8 November
  • South East Queensland – Friday, 10 November (Gold Coast)

Project Code: NY15002

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