2016 National Conference

The 2016 Nursery & Garden Industry National Conference will be held in Adelaide, South Australia from Monday 15 February and concluding on Wednesday 17 February 2016 with the Gala Dinner for the 2016 Nursery & Garden Awards. Sector Group meetings should be scheduled for Thursday 18 February. More information regarding the conference will be posted on the your levy @ work blog in due course. Alternatively, contact NGIA on (02) 8861 5100 for more information.

Your 2016 National Conference & Exhibition Committee are:

Geoffrey Fuller (Chair) NGIA Executive
Peter Vaughan, NGIA CEO
Kobie Keenan, NGIA Program Manager
Estelle Cornell, Allora Gardens Nursery and NGINT President
Chantal Tenace, Garden Soiree and 2015 Heather Rumsey Young Leader
Grant Dalwood, NGISA
David Foster, NGINA CEO
Esther Ngang, NGIWA CEO