202020 Vision launches Policy Guides

160712 20V policy guidesThe latest research produced by Josh Byrne & Associates, commissioned by Horticulture Innovation Australia, for the 202020 Vision Policy Guide provides a roadmap for those pushing for increased urban green space, helping them to navigate the myriad of policies and regulations that impact planning decisions around creating greener and more liveable cities.

The 202020 Vision Policy Guide was developed in response to the frustration and confusion felt by representatives of the 202020 Vision’s 400-strong network members and organisations around inconsistent policies, excessive clearing, poor planning decisions and lack of incentives for truly innovative and world class green infrastructure developments.

It follows the levy funded research project Identification of Barriers to Adoption of 202020 Vision Goals (NY14007), which was also carried out by Josh Byrne and Associates (JBA).

According to the research, the single greatest challenge to overcome is the Federal Government’s lack of formal recognition of the value and importance of plants and trees in cities.

However, there’s room for all levels of government to improve their understanding, planning and management of current and future urban green spaces.

The 202020 Vision Policy Guide not only recognises major policy ‘pain points’ but also opportunities for both government and the private sector, to overcome these barriers and realise the health, economic, cooling and productivity benefits of leafy urban areas.

It comes in three, easy-to-read documents.

  • The first outlines the regulatory playing field, including the government departments and influencers responsible for setting the rules and regulations.
  • The second outlines the rules and regulations one needs to understand in order to create more and better green space.
  • The third looks at the top ten opportunities to improve current rules and regulations in order to make it easier and more attractive to create green space projects.

The Guide will provide stakeholders in the network with the tools they need to drive the urban greening message and agenda and ultimately allow for more plants and trees in the ground.

As the legislative landscape is always changing, the team from 202020 Vision are open to thoughts, questions and additions you may have which will improve these guides. Please send any feedback to Craig Perring from Hort Innovation – email craig.perring@horticulture.com.au or phone (02) 8295 2342.

Project Code: NY14007

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