202020 Vision Update

202020 Vision202020 Vision has rapidly gained momentum since it’s official media launch in November 2013. Since then it has quickly accumulated over 100 businesses partnered with the vision and committed to it’s success, as well as leading industry advocates to assist in championing the cause.


Click to see 202020 Vision Update Infographic

Click to see 202020 Vision Update Infographic

We now have over 90 urban green space projects showcased on the 202020 Vision website representing over 5 million square meters of actual urban green space. The campaign has seen attention from both local and national print publications, as well a plethora of online sites. Nationally the campaign has now reached over 7 million people, with this number expected to grow.

(See program update HERE)

Links to just a few 202020 Vision online Articles:

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Advocates in Action: Monica Richter presenting on the Benefits of Green Space