202020 Vision Wins Big at AILA NSW Awards

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 12.44.26 pmThe 202020 Vision has won the Australian Institute of Landscape Architecture (AILA) NSW President’s Award for 2014 to recognise the contribution the initiative has made to the issues at the core of Landscape Architecture.

The award to the 202020 Vision, which is not awarded every year, was chosen by AILA NSW President, James Grant, who said, “Public spaces, streets and parks are our life support systems for our cities. 202020 Vision is a fantastic initiative that brings awareness of and promotes the critical role of public domain and open space in creating living places, which is what landscape architecture is all about.”

A number of 202020 Vision partners also won across design, planning and research categories including:
ASPECT Studios
McGregor Coxall
Elke Landscape Architect and Consulting Arborist

A copy of the AILA Media Release can be found here:  2014 AILA NSW Media Release Awards

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