Across Industry program benefits all sectors of Horticulture

All horticultural industry sectors contribute to the funding of the across industry program through R&D levy and R&D Voluntary contributions (VC) which are matched by the Australian Government.

In addition to the collaborative project investment undertaken through multi industry funded projects, R&D project investment made through this program focuses on providing outputs that are widely beneficial across the breadth of horticulture.

The Across Industry Committee provides program investment advice to HAL on behalf of all member industries.

Strategic objectives

Project investment within the Across Industry program is currently made in the context of four objectives:

• Enhance the efficiency, transparency, responsiveness and integrity of the supply chain for the total industry to provide clear market signals.

• Maximise the health benefits of horticulture products in the eyes of consumers, influencers and Government.

• Position horticulture to compete in a globalised environment.

• Achieve long term viability and sustainability for Australian horticulture.

For more details on the Across Industry program which utilises funds from the Nursery Industry Levy refer to the HAL website