Advisory panel meets for first time

160505 Advisory Panel meetingThe first meeting of the Strategic Investment Advisory Panel for the nursery industry has been held in Sydney.

The panel is made up of growers and industry leaders, and one of its main tasks is to assess research proposals against the industries priorities.

Several proposals have been put forward for consideration, with the panel deferring a decision until some are resubmitted with further information.

Also on the agenda was a communications session focussed on how the industry and its partners are communicating research and development to levy payers and the channels they’re using to connect with growers.

The team behind the 202020 Vision provided an overview of the activities and achievements to date, and presented its strategy on where the project is headed in the next 12 months.

An independent chair is still to be appointed to oversee the smooth conduct of meetings, manage governance procedures and ensure the objectives of each meeting are achieved.

The chair of Horticulture Innovation Australia Limited has confirmed that any research proposals for the nursery industry need to go through the panel, and anyone with ideas on R&D is encouraged to submit a concept form through the Hort Innovation website.

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