Five things to know about your marketing levy today

1. Four new plant life balance looks have been released – and they’re bloomin’ gorgeous

Plant Life Balance has released four new plant looks for Australians to try in their garden or courtyard, on their balcony and indoors. More than 30 new plants have been included in addition to helpful tips to create that perfect green space.

The newly launched looks mark the commencement of a three-month campaign that will target lifestyle, health and wellness and fashion publications to drive awareness of the new looks and the sales of green life.

Nurseries are encouraged to visit to complete their Plant Life Balance accreditation; download the latest assets to promote in-store; and share the positive story with their networks via e-newsletters or social media.

2. The Plant Life Balance App has been downloaded more than 40,000 times.

The Plant Life Balance Smartphone App is regarded as one of the world’s leading virtual greening apps and has been downloaded more than 40,000 times. It enables users to take a photo of a room, and drag and drop plants to measure air quality and pollution levels.

The app can be downloaded via the apple or android app store and shared with customers to encourage them to think about what plants are best suited – aesthetically and functionally – to their home or workspace.

3. A national roadshow to implement urban forest strategies is underway

The Green Light Tour is a five-stop national roadshow to help build capacity in local councils by sharing the latest policy updates, best practice case studies and research on urban greening.

The first event was held in Melbourne and the second in Adelaide. Both events attracted more than 80 greening experts, with private property dominating the conversation, in addition to the role that community engagement will play in urban greening.

Planning is underway for the third event to be held in Perth on 1 May, 2018.

4. The City of Burnside has launched an interactive map of 40,000 trees.

The City of Burnside, located in eastern Adelaide, has developed a highly detailed, interactive map of the City’s individual tree data, including the amount of carbon stored and air pollutants removed each year.
The map was unveiled at the latest Green Light event held in Adelaide. The innovative council has mapped more than 40,000 trees, and is encouraging residents to visit their website to find out how to support the forest and help make it grow.

5. What’s next for 202020 Vision?

Key decision makers and industry representatives met in Melbourne this week to discuss the next phase of the nursery industry’s national greening initiative and marketing program, 202020 Vision, which is designed to boost Australia’s canopy cover and lift the sales of green life.

Outcomes of the meeting will help to determine the next phase of the 202020 Vision including the research and marketing investment required to make it thrive, and the collaboration to ensure a stronger, more sustainable green life sector.

More information coming soon – stay tuned!