Green Cities Expert Advisory Panel

HIA-Logo-Web-1Hort Innovation is seeking EOIs from suitability experienced and qualified individuals for appointment to the Green Cities Expert Advisory Panel. The Green Cities Expert Advisory Panel is designed to assist Hort Innovation in making investment decisions under its Pool 2 co-investment funding model and to provide broad oversight to ensure the Fund achieves its vision and objectives.

The Green Cities Fund is one of five foundation funds established by the Board of Hort Innovation following extensive industry consultation. It fits under the umbrella of ensuring sustainability. The fund is governed by a strategy, developed with industry input and approved by the Hort Innovation Board. Under the strategy, four key research themes have been identified as industry priorities: climatic and environmental, metrics and measurements, culture and community and knowledge and information.

Hort Innovation has prepared an EOI document that provides background information and outlines the information required from interested parties. The EOI is available by contacting Contracts Manager Jo McCloskey on 02 8295 2300 or [email protected]