Green Cities continues the work of 202020 Vision

The momentum generated by the 202020 Vision in creating a movement supporting an increase in greenspace in our cities is taking on new life, following the establishment 160927 Dave Mathews - Green Citiesof the Green Cities Fund.

It’s one of the Strategic Co-investment Funds set up by Horticulture Innovation Australia for longer-term investments, and nursery grower David Mathews from Proteaflora is on the Expert Advisory Panel.

He firmly believes that the multi-million dollar program – which is funded through co-investment partners outside of the nursery levy – would never have happened if it weren’t for the success of 202020 Vision.

The original plan for 202020 Vision was to address issues around community attitudes to greenspace, and Mr Mathews says one of the barriers was a lack of empirical data – policy makers need facts and figures to back up their decisions.

Through the nursery levy, a lot of research has been done to start addressing the problem. Alongside that, the collaboration of people involved in city development and policy making has started to have an impact.

Mr Mathews says Green Cities will take the effort well beyond what could ever be achieved with the levy alone, helping to provide the information that changes community attitudes to the value of greenspace in urban areas.

Growth of greenspace requires more plants and this benefits all the ‘green’ industries including the nursery industry.

Green Cities brings on board a significant cross-section of industries beyond nursery, including turf, flowers and landscaping, as well as sectors outside of horticulture such as urban planning, property developers and local government.

One of the first projects that has been funded is Greener Cities Healthier Lives, which for the first time will explore the effects of green space on individuals across the entire human life span.

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