Pest of the Month – Green Peach Aphid (Myzus persicae)

1609 Green Peach Aphid - Dennis Crawford - Graphic ScienceCategory name: Aphids

Importance: Major

Similar to: Other aphid species.

Damage: Sucks sap, large numbers cause malformation of new growth including flower buds. Indirectly damages plants by transmission of a large number of viruses including several mosaics. Produce honeydew, encouraging sooty mould growth, which reduces plant vigour. Wide host range, very common.


  • Egg: Black, shiny, but rarely laid, mainly produces live young.
  • Immatures: Resemble adult. White papery skins are shed as they grow and are often found on the leaves below and on buds.
  • Adult: Light to dark green or pink, red eyes. Three dark lines run down back, small body. Winged female with central black patch on the upper surface of the abdomen and a dark head and thorax. Cornicles have distinct dark tips.

More Information: Detailed coverage of the Green Peach Aphid is contained in the NGIA Pest Fact Sheet: Managing green peach aphid in production nurseries which is available online here.

Further industry pest information is available at

An initiative of the National Nursery Industry Biosecurity Program (NY15004) and the ‘Building the resilience and on-farm biosecurity capacity of the Australian production nursery industry’ Project (NY15002).

Photo credit: Dennis Crawford – Graphic Science.