Growers, retailers and landscapers urged to participate in data survey

Friday, 30 November 2018

Final calls are underway for Australia’s national statistics survey, with production and retail nurseries, as well as landscaping businesses, urged to participate to help gain a greater understanding of the nursery value chain.

The nationwide survey is being managed by independent research agency, Down to Earth Research, in partnership with ACIL Allen Consulting, Nursery & Garden Industry Australia (NGIA) and Hort Innovation.

Similar to 2017, the survey will aim to interview approximately 300 green life production nurseries and, for the first time ever, will expand its reach to survey key green life customers such as retail nurseries and landscaping business.

While participation has been strong thus far, it’s important that businesses approached by the team at Down To Earth Research commit to their appointment and prepare for the interview ahead of schedule.

Greater participation will address key data gaps for the nursery industry and provide a more accurate picture of its social and economic contribution. By including customers, this will identify key greening trends to help guide future nursery production, resulting in improved availability of stock for landscapers and retailers.

The survey is managed professionally and all data provided by participants is anonymous and confidential. The data will be aggregated and used to develop a snapshot for industry, as well as a data tool for production nurseries to benchmark performance.

As appointments are limited, the team from Down To Earth Research is encouraging participants to prepare ahead of their telephone interview.

The following simple checklist will ensure interviews are completed on time and as required.

  1. Put the appointment in your diary or email calendar so you do not forget.
  2. Nominate the best person in your business to respond to the survey.
  3. IMPORTANT: Know what information you are being asked to provide and have it in front of you before you start the survey.
  4. Keep your data in a secure place – it will come in handy down the track!

On behalf of NGIA, Down To Earth and the project team, thank you! Your valuable input will ensure that the nursery industry’s significant contribution to the community’s social, economic and environmental wellbeing is recognised.

If you have any questions about the survey, please contact Daniel Watson at Down to Earth Research on 0409 775 553 or by emailing

Project code:  Nursery Industry Statistics 2017/18 to 2019/20 (NY17008)