HAL Nursery Levy Tender ‘Unravelling the Green Supply Chain’ Now Open

Hobart Skyline

Hobart Skyline

Horticulture Australia Limited, in conjunction with Nursery & Garden Industry Australia, is seeking tender proposals to develop a detailed report that informs and assists with the coordination and execution of activities relating to the Nursery Industry’s 202020 Vision.

The 202020 Vision is a national collaborative project that aims to bring together government, academic and private sectors with a common goal to increase urban green space by 20 percent by 2020.

As the 202020 Vision matures, there is an express need to better understand the regulatory and policy framework that drives investment in space for living green assets. The Living Green Supply Chain includes multiple partners and sectors and presents a challenge when allocating resources to identify the key sectors or influences to generate maximum traction to grow the living green asset in communities across Australia.

The report must address the following:

  • understanding of the regulatory/policy environment of the Living Green Supply Chain at Federal, State and Local levels and how this influenced town planning and sustainable development
  • identification of the barriers within the Living Green Supply Chain at Federal, State and Local levels to enable better allocation of resources to overcome these barriers.
  • a plan that details and ranks the opportunities to better influence participants of the Living Green Supply Chain at Federal, State and Local levels.

How to apply
Applicants are required to submit a brief proposal (maximum of 10 pages excluding cover and content pages) which includes acknowledgment that all terms and conditions stated in the tender brief are accepted.

Click here to download the tender brief and for more information on how to apply.


For more information, Contact Dr Anthony Kachenko on 0288615106 or email [email protected]