How to green your school guides out now

A new resource to help teachers bring more green life into their classrooms and playgrounds has been released as the next phase of the nursery industry’s national marketing initiative, Plant Life Balance.

About the Guides

The new guides, How to Green Your School, will add another dimension to the initiative by getting Australia’s school community aware and excited about green life and the benefits it brings to our lives and our communities.

It features two guides to help green our schools from the inside, out. The first is focused on transforming the classroom into a healthier, more productive space and, the second, on how schools can develop a shadier, happier playground for kids to enjoy.

The guides arrive at an opportune time with teachers setting the direction for the year ahead, in addition to designing their classrooms so that they’re fit for purpose and a productive, inclusive space.

The first guide helps to achieve just that, with a step-by-step guide on how to set up and style a classroom. It includes useful information on developing a plant plan; picking the right plants and understanding their benefits; and, most importantly, ensuring a successful life in indoors.

The second guide looks at transforming the playground and is broken down into ten simple steps from inception right through to fundraising and the actual playground build. It covers off on everything for schools to turn their grey space, green!

What role can nurseries play?

The guides are fun, practical and easy to use, and a great way to share the nursery industry’s positive story with the next generation of green thumbs.

Production and retail nurseries play a pivotal role in producing and selling plants to customers such as schools and universities, and resources like this will continue to create better awareness of the industry’s role and contribution to society.

There are plenty of ways to share the resource with your customers or networks by promoting it through e-newsletters, social media or even holding a local event to get more people involved.

Know a teacher? Why not share the resource and see how your nursery can help our teachers and schools reach their full greening potential.

About Plant Life Balance

Plant Life Balance was launched in October 2017 and is aimed at educating and equipping Australians with the information they need to create their ultimate green space.

It features a series of professionally styled looks scientifically proven to improve air quality, health and wellbeing, as well as a smart phone app that enables users to create their own virtual green space using a drag and drop tool.

The How to Green Your School guide is just one of the many exciting developments of Plant Life Balance. Stay up to date by signing up to the 202020 Vision grower e-newsletter or visit the Growers’ Hub.