How your nursery levy is making a difference

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

It may not always be obvious that a certain process or product in the nursery was the result of levy funded research and development (R&D) or marketing.

In fact, trolley systems, irrigation practices and pest management programs, are just a few ways that your nursery levy has made a positive impact on the industry we know today.

The nursery levy is currently set at 5% on containers (such as pots, bags and seedling trays) used by production nurseries. From this, 2.75% is for R&D and 0.25% for plant health programs, as well as 2% for marketing initiatives.

R&D makes up the largest proportion of levy investment and goes towards the development and delivery of programs designed to bolster the industry’s biosecurity efforts, career development, access to consumer and data insights, just to name a few.

The marketing levy funds well-known campaigns like Plant Life Balance, which is helping to engage consumers and put more plants in homes through clever styling ideas, and there’s the innovative smartphone app which measures the impact of plants on air quality and wellbeing.

A new levy payer factsheet has been developed to help growers educate their staff and customers about the nursery levy including why it exists, who pays it, and where its being invested, to help build a stronger industry now and into the future.

The factsheet is free to download and can be shared through a nursery’s e-newsletter or on its social media. It can also be printed out and placed on a coffee table or staff notice board.

The first part of the factsheet answers frequently asked questions about the nursery levy: from the percentage of levies collected through to the organisation managing the funds, which is Hort Innovation.

It also highlights that R&D or marketing over the next five years must align with the nursery industry’s Strategic Investment Plan (SIP) which has been developed in consultation with growers and industry representatives.

The second page takes a closer look at the SIP and the five key outcomes for 2017-21 and includes real life examples of how your nursery levy is hard at work. These are:

1. Improving access to consumer and market insights
2. Promoting innovation and best management practices
3. Lifting demand and sales of green life by 4% per annum
4. Protecting industry from plant pests and disease
5. Investing in our most precious resource, people

Download the 2018 Levy Payer Factsheet online. 

Have more questions? Get in touch with the Hort Innovation Manager, John Vatikiotis, for the latest news and information about the nursery levy.