Minor Use Permits

For those of you who haven’t yet seen it, last month’s Nursery Paper was on Minor Use Permits for the Nursery Industry. You can read the paper in the Hort Journal or find an archive copy at the NGIA website. Keep an eye out for next month’s Nursery Paper, which will be on the results of an industry survey of attitudes to Urban Forest management.

The Minor Use Pesticide program is an important levy funded intiative that provides growers access to chemicals, which do not have legally approved label registration for use in non-registered crops through an APVMA minor use permit.

This offers growers a much wider suite of products for better pest and disease control and management of resistance.

If you have a pest or disease situation which is not currently addressed or a need for a product to be accessible, then please contact your industry development officer. NGIA can progress an application for a minor use permit to the APVMA to assist you and the wider industry in legally accessing better disease and pest controls.