National Water Saving Awards Announced

E77FC8A8-5D83-46F7-BC52-D39D2CB6266AFinalists for the 2013 Smart WaterMark Product of the Year Awards have been announced today.

Three consumer and four commercial water saving technologies have been announced as finalists for the 2013 Smart WaterMark Awards.

Finalists include a vacuum toilet system and home leak detection system.

An independent Technical Expert Panel selected the finalists from products certified by Smart WaterMark over the last year. Judging by Expert Panel members involved scoring each of the shortlisted products against four criteria:

· Innovation – is the product an innovative solution to water conservation, and is it the first to market in its category?

· Design – is the product easy to use, install and well designed?

· Marketability – what is the price point, affordability and packaging of the product?

· Sustainability – what is the carbon footprint of the product?

“Each year we are impressed with the quality and innovative nature of the commercial and consumer products in the running for the Award and this year is no exception. We’ve had a significant increase in the number of non-residential water efficient technologies certified this year, reflecting the growth in Smart WaterMark” Says Expert Panel Chair Jeremy Cape.

2013 Consumer Product Finalists

AquaTrip is a permanently installed leak detection system for the home. It acts as a water safety trip switch by constantly monitoring the flow of water into a property. Once a leak or burst pipe is detected it will automatically shut off the water supply.

Waterco’s MultiCyclone Ultra saves water in the swimming pool, combining a centrifugal and cartridge filtration into one streamline housing as a compact filtration system that can be installed on a pool pump.

The Acclima TDT (Time Based Transmissometry) Soil Moisture Sensor developed by Landscape Technologies, operates in conjunction with either of three Acclima controllers (SC24, SC36 or CS3500) forming a closed-loop fully automated irrigation control system. The sensor provides accurate soil moisture readings that are interrogated by the controllers to ensure that the irrigation system only runs when the soil is too dry.


2013 Commercial Product Finalists

JETS by Vacuum Toilets Australia utilises maritime technology to save water in commercial buildings. The Jets vacuum-based toilet system requires 0.8 litres of water to flush the bowl clean, with all waste removed in a single flush. It uses vacuum suction when flushing, reducing water use by 90% and eliminating odour when compared to traditional toilets.

EnviroSolution Brush Cleaner by Dulux Group is a portable Brush Cleaner which can be used to clean up to 8 paint brushes at once in up to 10 litres of water. Used by commercial painters out on-site it can save up to 150 litres of water per wash when compared with normal brush cleaning.

EcoFix’s CMAX® is a granular filtration media developed for treatment of wastewater in commercial laundry, mine vehicle wash and commercial car wash systems. CMAX® is incorporated into a retro-fittable cartridge allowing wastewater to be decontaminated for reuse on-site.

Defender by Neptune Benson Australia is a non-backwash, ultra fine media water filter for use in commercial pools and aquatic leisure centres such as the new Wet and Wild centre in Sydney.


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