New guide for nurseries to bring Plant Life Balance App to life

Monday, 2 July 2018

A new guide is providing Australian nurseries with instructions on how to host a plant styling event that attracts customers and boosts sales.

Helping to bring the Plant Life Balance app to life, it includes all the information to get started, as well as a checklist of props and tasks to ensure a successful event in-store.

Most props will already be available, and with assistance from the new guide and some team creativity, the live app experience can be set up easily and effectively.

There are five steps, from choosing the best day to hold an event in your nursery, to training your staff so they can speak about the latest health and wellbeing benefits of plants.

1. Choose the right day to hold an event and let people know by putting up a sign in store, advertising on social media or including in the company’s newsletter.

2. Set up the space and have plant options on standby so that customers can view different plant varieties and sizes.

3. Invite customers to try the free plant styling session and share the health and wellbeing benefits of plants, as well as instructions on how the app works.

4. Take a photo and encourage customers to share it on social media, as well as tag the retail nursery or garden centre.

5. Bring in the sales and suggest other plants that would complement the look or encourage customers to use the app at home and get inspired by the Plant Life Balance looks.

The guide is the first in a two-part series to help independent nurseries leverage the Plant Life Balance campaign in-store and online to generate customer engagement, foot traffic and sales.

The second guide explains how to run a social media competition and will be released in July.

To download or print the first guide, click here.

Plant Life Balance is the nursery industry’s consumer campaign designed to get Australians excited about styling homes and workplaces with plants, while also generating awareness about their positive contribution to health and wellbeing

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