Across Horticulture Leadership Training

A new project AH11014, Across Horticulture Leadership Training, has been implemented and there were over 93 applicants to participate. Two groups of 25 – Current Leaders and Emerging Leaders will be involved in a training program that utilises a combination of on line and Face to Face sessions. The Objectives of the program are:

  • Improve the ability of growers and other industry members to lead, guide and provide strategic direction for the industry,
  • Increase the capacity of growers to fill roles of responsibility within regional, state and/or national grower organisations and related bodies,
  • Increase the knowledge of industry representation, hierarchy and relationships leading to improved cooperation and collaboration within and between horticulture industries, government and the supply chain
  • Increase the understanding of strategy building, governance and accountability
  • Improve succession planning and mentoring in relation to leadership roles

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