NEW marketing resource for nurseries to grow interest in green space

Bringing community greening to life can be a complex and daunting prospect for the everyday gardener, but a new marketing resource for Australian nurseries is targeted at changing this.

A new marketing tool will help Australian nurseries to more clearly explain the concept of community greening to everyday gardeners so as to boost urban green space and help drive plant sales.

About the resource

The new guide – Park It – has been designed by 202020 Vision to help empower Australians to transform dull, barren spaces in their local community into a green space for everyone to enjoy.

It’s a useful resource for nurseries to share with customers, including a how-to guide and 10-step video designed to make it easier for communities to understand how to revitalise and reinvent the underutilised grey spaces around them.

The how-to guide brings together two 202020 Vision projects, How to Create a Community Action Plan and How to Get Your Park Approved.

The six-minute video includes a simple 10-step process, in easy to understand terminology, with information on how customers can engage their council and build local support for green space concepts.

It covers implementation of the process, and features case studies of local residents working together on real projects within Australian communities.

How can I use the resource? 

202020 Vision is designed to get people excited about creating or developing green space, which in turn, increases demand for plants, growing the market for all greenlife producers.

A resource like Park It can help nurseries confirm their role as the experts on plants and to assist in driving sales locally.

There are a number of ways for nurseries to use the resource. These include:

  • Showing the video and providing handouts to local community groups to stimulate discussion, which is aimed at generating interest and demand for green life, whilst building closer links with key stakeholders in your area.
  • Hold your own nursery event or information session about ways for every day gardeners to create a communal green space, and provide expert advice about which plants work best and where, on site.
  • Share the resource through your communication networks such as a monthly e-newsletter, a blog on the website or simply via social media. Not only is this great digital content, but it’s a positive way to generate brand awareness with new and existing customers.

Final thoughts…

Park It creators – The Neighbourhood Project and Co Design Studio – note that ideas don’t have to be large-scale like a park, but can be anything from a community garden or vegetable plot to a green wall.

They also advise that ideas don’t need to re-invent the wheel, with plenty of green space action already underway that can be used as inspiration for a project.
It is one of the latest projects launched by 202020 Vision – a collaboration of organisations working together to create 20% more green spaces in urban areas by 2020.

Importantly, Park It is a new resource for nurseries to share through e-newsletters, social media, or simply, as a print-out on the coffee table for your staff, in a bid to raise more awareness and support for green space in urban areas.

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