New Minor Use Permits – April 2022

Friday, 29 April 2022

One Minor Use Permit (New Application) has been approved by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority for the nursery industry within the last month. Minor Use Permit number PER91805 is now available for the management of selected insects within the Orders; Coleoptera, Diptera, Lepidoptera, Hemiptera, Hymenoptera, and Thysanoptera respectively on nursery stock, cut flowers and ornamental plants.

Through the ‘National Biosecurity and Sustainable Plant Production Program’ (NY20001), levy funds and additional contributions from the Australian Government were used to apply for the new Minor Use Permit (MUP).

PER91805 –  Multi Insecticide MUPCormoran (acetamiprid + novaluron), Durivo (chlorantraniliprole + thiamethoxam), Spinner Turf (cyantraniliprole + thiamethoxam), Starkle (dinotefuran), Confidor & Suscon Maxi (imidacloprid) for Nursery stock, cut flowers and ornamentals (non-food) including – seedlings, tubes, potted colour, trees, shrubs, foliage plants, palms, grasses, fruiting plants (non-bearing), cut flowers* and ornamentals. Insects included are: African black beetle, Scarab and Stem weevil larvae, aphids, ants, armyworms, beetles, borers, bugs, cutworms, fungus gnats, leafminers, leafhoppers, lepidoptera larvae, mealybugs, mirids, psyllids, scale insects, thrips, weevils, whiteflies,

The full list of current Minor Use Permits (MUPS) for the nursery industry can be found on the Australian Plant Production Standard website here.

If you have identified active ingredients that may be useful to add to the list of industry MUP’s please contact John McDonald, Greenlife Industry Australia (GIA) National Biosecurity Manager via [email protected] or call 07 3277 7900.

The ‘National biosecurity and sustainable plant production program’ (NY20001) project is funded by Hort Innovation using nursery research and development levy and funds from the Australian Government.