New nursery industry market research project offers great value and huge potential to industry operators

Nursery & Garden Industry Australia (NGIA) in conjunction with Informark (an independent market statistics company) have embarked on a journey to collect accurate industry market statistics.

Accurate industry data will strengthen the Industry’s position among legislative sectors including education and training, environment, finance and more. It will be used for strategic planning of industry activities and to support our communications to key stakeholders.

For businesses contributing to the research, they will receive reports enabling them to see their position in the market across different categories and distribution channels, by state and nationally.  The business reports track trends against historical data and operators can use this information to enhance their business strategy.

“The benefits to businesses are enormous.   The business reports will identify opportunities that will deliver us an advantage over our competitors” said Hamish Mitchell of Speciality Trees, President of Landscaping Victoria and Member of the Industry Reference Group supporting the project.   Further, “the research will provide an accurate value of the whole Nursery & Garden Industry and this information will give our Association bodies a stronger, competitive voice with legislators and key stakeholders.”

Throughout the establishment of the framework for the project, NGIA and Informark have sought the advice of an Industry Reference Group to ensure collection, transparency and reporting is relevant and acceptable to industry

“Much thought has been invested in the foundations for the research and I am confident in what the Industry Reference Group has worked to develop.  I am also reassured by Informark’s confidential data collection process and the quality of their reports.”

For more information on the market research project please visit or contact your local State Association for more details.

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