New Quarantine Alert for Sudden Oak Death and Xylella host nursery stock

Updated import conditions for Phytophthora complex and Xylella fastidiosa host nursery stock. Nursery stock hosts of Phytophthora complex and Xylella fastidiosa have been reviewed. Import conditions for genera susceptible to these pathogens have been updated include requirements for Phytosanitary certification and/or government post entry quarantine. Import conditions for genera no longer considered to be hosts have also been reviewed and updated import conditions have been applied. When do the conditions come in to effect? The new requirements will apply to imports of host and non-host nursery stock effective immediately. All Import Permits holders will be advised of changes relating to their existing Permits by 31st July 2014. Further information, please contact the Plant Import Operations at [email protected] or by telephone on (02) 6272 3917 if you have any queries.