NGIA Makes Submission to Agricultural Competitiveness White Paper

NGIA has outlined ten key policy areas for the federal government to consider for charting the industry’s future direction in its submission to the Agricultural Competitiveness White Paper. The White Paper was a key part of the Coalition agricultural policy platform at last year’s federal election and has been a high priority for Federal Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce since his appointment.

In its submission to the Agricultural Competitiveness White Paper NGIA highlighted the need for greater efficiencies and productivity gains through harmonisation of policy and regulations that govern interstate market access of plants and plant products. NGIA also outlined the need to incentivise export of horticultural commodities to increase growth in export markets and also highlighted the need to review the minor use program to facilitate faster, safer and efficient access to pesticides whilst being mindful of the operational environment.

Other key policy areas raised in NGIAs submission to the Agricultural Competitiveness White Paper included the need for continued investment in agricultural research and development and resourcing of biosecurity agencies for the future to ensure the industry is safeguarded against exotic plant pests.

All feedback will be reviewed by the government with a Green Paper expected to be released mid-year where further comment will be collated. The timeline will see Minister Joyce present the final paper to federal cabinet by the year’s end.

To read a copy of the NGIA submission, please click HERE. Further information can be sought from Anthony Kachenko on or 02 8861 5106.