NGIA Water Policy

Water is essential to our industry; unlike other horticultural industries, water is also essential for our customers in order to sustain our product beyond the farm gate.

Acknowledging the importance of water to industry, NGIA has updated its policy position on water which was first introduced in 2006. This policy position clearly articulates our members and industry as proactive and responsible users of water and provides us with credibility in positioning our industry as the community’s leader on relevant water related issues.

This policy document highlights industry’s success to date and proposes six strategies responding to industry challenges;

1. Leadership in policy development and investment in the area of water.
2. Investment in on-farm support to address water management.
3. Building upon established industry best management practice.
4. Water security and assurance of access.
5. Recognition of water as an enabling resource.
6. Support and acknowledgment for industry initiatives in water management by government and water regulators.

This policy position will be used by NGIA and state/territory associations to advise key stake holders of the work our industry is undertaking along with promoting our enviable water stewardship credentials, Key stakeholders include government departments (e.g. Dept. of Agriculture), stakeholder groups (e.g. NFF) and other peak horticultural bodies.

The NGIA water policy can be found on the NGIA website or accessed directly here.