Nursery Industry and E Learning

Nursery and Garden Industry Australia is currently engaged in a project investigating the delivery of a suite of e-learning based courses designed to supplement currently delivered industry workshops.

For those of you who are unaware of what e learning is, it is the delivery of education and training using information and communication technology. This may include not only computers, but mobile technology such as tablets or smart phones. Delivery of the information may be through a variety of means such as; videos or youtube clips, presentations, interactive modules, written content and live webinars.

As technology for delivery has improved, E Learning has gained momentum as a training medium. Many universities, tafes, private RTO’s, private businesses and industry bodies have embraced the use of e learning and now use it as an integral part of their training delivery.

Whilst not replacing face to face learning, augmenting our training delivery with e learning can provide low cost, flexible and accessible programs which can be used to deliver a wide range of technical and business skills. E-Learning also has the potential to rapidly deliver training in circumstances where speed and wide distribution of information is required, such as exotic plant pest incursions.

If you require any further information, please contact Chris O’Connor, Policy & Technical Officer on 02 8861 5110 or email