Nursery Industry IAC annual report

The Nursery Levy funds a large number of research, development, extension and marketing projects and initiatives aimed at improving the nursery industry. All of these projects are aligned to the IAC endorsed Nursery Industry 2012-2016 Strategic Investment Plan (SIP) which guides the industry investment directions. Nursery IAC annual report 2012-13

Each year an Industry Annual Reports is published which provides an excellent synopsis of what levy projects are currently in progress. The Industry Annual Reports detail the various projects that have been funded from either Nursery Industry levy or Voluntary Contributions that have received matched funding investment from the Federal Government.  Projects listed in the report are grouped into each of the five key objectives of the SIP;

  •  Markets
  • Capacity
  • Communications
  •  Innovation
  •   Governance

The reports are available on the NGIA website, with the most recent report from 2012/2013 being found here. A copy of the current SIP can be found here.