Nursery Industry Strategic Investment Plan now available

Thursday, 25 November 2021

The new Nursery Industry 2022-2026 Strategic Investment Plan (SIP) has been released by Hort Innovation.

The SIP provides a roadmap that guides investment of industry levies and Australian Government contributions over the next five years.

The Nursery Industry SIP has been updated to reflect an industry that has seen remarkable resilience and growth and to ensure it represents balanced interests and opportunities for the industry’s 1,651 growers.

With input from the Nursery Industry Strategic Investment Advisory Panel (SIAP), the following four priority areas and outcomes have been identified:

  1. Demand creation – Contribute to increasing consumer knowledge, attitudes, and purchase intent to drive volume growth
  2. Industry supply, productivity, and sustainability – Improve industry productivity (inputs/outputs) to maintain competitiveness and viability, and sustainability of supply
  3. Extension and capability – Build capability and an innovative culture
  4. Business insights – Measure industry supply (production) and demand (consumer behaviour) data and insights to inform decision making

The industry is anticipated to grow over the next five years with the renewed customer interest in plants and landscaping experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic continuing, and the SIP guiding levy investments to achieve positive outcomes for industry.

Access the Nursery Industry SIP here.

Hort Innovation has also developed a video that explains how investment decisions are made, and how Strategic Investment Plans and Annual Investment Plans work together to guide levy investment. Access it here.