Nursery marketing program shifts focus to engage Australians amidst COVID-19

Friday, 17 April 2020

The nursery levy’s marketing team is doubling down on efforts to promote health and wellbeing benefits of greenlife to consumers, and ensure developers and councils are planting for the future as the entire world deals with a shift in its way of life.

To support this, the teams at the Republic of Everyone, The Bravery and Hort Innovation together with Greenlife Industry Australia have developed a coordinated four-point strategy to promote the good in green with all Australians.

This approach will work to ensure the community understands the health and wellbeing benefits of plants and are reassured that the nursery industry is equipped to respond to demand. The approach also works to promote the importance of urban greenspace and continued planting for the future.

Funded by Hort Innovation, the Greener Spaces Better Places program has an important role to play in supporting industry, by reinforcing the value of urban greenspace and supporting councils to safely continue planting programs. Materials are being developed which ensure:

  • Access to greenspace is prioritised in our communities
  • Developers and governments are planting for the future, where possible
  • The value of greenspace is understood
  • There are practical and innovative measures for planting to continue
  • The ripple effect of capital works continuing

Plant Life Balance will also be generating content and proactive media engagement drawing from several key insights, including:

  • How plants get mitigate the impact of current events on Australian lives, reducing mental stress, strain, worry and anxiety.
  • People having more time to invest in hobbies and passions such as gardening as result of distancing measures.
  • A suite of content is being communicated with all consumers of greenlife and decision makers, seeking to demonstrate how plants can impact health, happiness, relaxation and productivity. This approach will be rolled out in the following stages:
  1. Development of media materials and blog content
  2. Liaising with influential media and spokespeople
  3. Development of a series of social media posts, utilising blog content
  4. Securing media coverage, and generating social media conversations
  5. Creation of specials Plant Life Balance and Greener Spaces Better Places COVID-19 newsletters.

By leveraging research, content and networks through both the Plant Life Balance and Greener Spaces Better Places programs, this approach will increase awareness of the tangible benefits of plants and encourage Australians to continue supporting the growing demand for greenlife amongst councils and communities.

Activities already underway

Blog content

Here’s a snapshot of live content pieces that have already been developed that draw on these insights and support the continuation and growth of industry:

To view these posts and content to come, head to:

Social media

Social media posts to Facebook and Instagram are continuing, focussed on delivering content with coronavirus-response messaging. Here’s a couple examples:

Media campaign

The ongoing media campaign engages a network of urban planning, environment, horticulture and mainstream media to ensure greenlife remains top of mind for the public and key decision-makers throughout this crisis. Check out a few of the clippings they’ve earned to-date:

  • On Tuesday, 7 April Domain published, ‘Why our obsession with indoor plants is more important than ever’, which highlights the importance of accessing nature amidst COVID-19 and speaks with PLB ambassadors: Jason Chongue and Jana Stewart.
  • On Friday, 3 April GOAT, millennial culture publication, published a podcast and online story with PLB ambassador, Dominique Hes.
  • On Sunday, 22 March, Dominique Hes, joined Sue McDougall’s Gardening Show on 6PR to talk about how gardens can reduce anxiety and drive greater health benefits during these challenging times.

Plant Life Balance: Virtual Home Tours

The PLB team have turned their usual home tour series digital. To keep engaging their network of green-thumb creatives, they will be running live home tours on Facebook, Instagram and the blog.

Up first is Kitiya Palaskas, Melbourne prop designer and stylist, running two separate events: a Q&A home tour, and craft workshop. Keep an eye out for more to come!

The ‘Industry extension and development of Plant Life Balance’ (NY18005) project is funded by Hort Innovation using nursery research and development levy and funds from the Australian Government.

The ‘Understanding the attitudes to urban green space for government and business audiences’ (NY18006) project is funded by Hort Innovation using nursery industry levies and funds from the Australian Government.