Nursery Production Farm Management System breaks down borders

The nursery and garden industry welcomes the new import requirements for businesses wishing to dispatch nursery stock into Tasmania.

The 2012 Plant Quarantine Manual Tasmania (PQMTas) specifies four separate conditions for import into their State. Condition 2 (IR38B) recognises the Nursery Industry Accreditation Scheme, Australia (NIASA), the foundation module of the Nursery Production Farm Management System (NPFMS). NIASA, EcoHort and BioSecure HACCP are all modules of the Nursery Production Farm Management System.

“This is a big win for the NPFMS. Having NIASA recognised in this way proves this program can assist businesses manage their risks and more importantly, facilitate market accessacross borders,” said Dr Anthony Kachenko, National Environmental & Technical Policy Manager at NGIA.

“NGIA would like to see more production nurseries, greenlife markets and growing media suppliers engage with NIASA as a foundation step to the NPFMS. This is our industry’s opportunity to be at the forefront of on-farm pest and disease management, crop hygiene and sound environmental stewarship.”

NGIA is offering free information packs valued at over $50 to any production nursery, greenlife market and growing media supplier that is not accredited under NIASA. Packs include information on the program, sample diagnostic kits and discounted soil and tissue analysis. This offer is available between 1 April and 30 June.

To register for your pack visit or contact NGIA on (02) 8611 5100.