ONLINE WORKSHOP: How to maintain green roofs

On Tuesday, 8 December, the University of Melbourne’s Green Infrastructure Research group is hosting a 90-minute online workshop to outline the key maintenance requirements for a range of Australian green roofs.

Delivered as part of the Hort Frontier Green Cities project, ‘Researching the benefits of demonstration green roofs across Australia’ (GC16002), participants will gain a broad understanding of green roof maintenance considerations as well as detailed information on specific tasks for different types of large and small systems such as roofs for stormwater control, podium gardens and residential projects.

As the long-term benefits of green roofs such as rainwater capture, increased biodiversity and mitigation of urban heat islands become clearer, the importance of understanding green roofs becomes more important.

All greenlife stakeholders are encouraged to join the workshop including growers, designers, building owners and managers, developers, and landscapers.

Presenters include:

 John Rayner, Associate Professor in Urban Horticulture, the University of Melbourne

  • Michael Casey, President Australian Institute of Horticulture, Director MJC Horticulture & Evergreen Infrastructure
  • Sarah Hardgrove, Horticulturalist and Landscape Designer, Wildgrove Horticulture
  • Scott Sherwood, Manager Fytogreen NSW and National Maintenance Manager

Growers interested in attending should register via this link.

Unable to attend?

The workshop will be recorded. For the link or for more information please email: [email protected]

Researching the benefits of demonstration green roofs across Australia (GC16002) is funded by the Hort Frontiers Green Cities, part of the Hort Frontiers strategic partnership initiative developed by Hort Innovation, with co-investment from City of Melbourne, the Victorian Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning and contributions from the Australian government.