Plant Health and Biosecurity Project for the Australian Nursery Industry

The Australian nursery and garden industry has embarked on an exciting Nursery Levy funded Research and Development Project “NY11001 Plant health biosecurity, risk management and capacity building for the nursery industry”. The project commenced in October 2011 in partnership with the Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation (DEEDI), Queensland.

The project will provide the Australian production nursery sector with a variety of outcomes, including the identification and management of plant diseases and pests through professional diagnostics, skill enhancement of industry and various resource developments for on-farm biosecurity management. In particular, the project will support a national plant pest and disease diagnostic service that will include the capacity to monitor the occurrence of principal plant pests and pathogens in Australian production nurseries and post-entry quarantine facilities. The project will also deliver technical support to the industry in the area of biosecurity, assist in the development of plant pest and disease identification packages and evaluate methods for the management of major pests and diseases with reference to the programs that form the Nursery Production Farm Management System (NIASA, EcoHort & BioSecure HACCP).

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