Plant Life Balance continues to grow with launch of new looks, blog and first consumer event!

Tuesday, 18 December 2018

The nursery industry’s national marketing campaign is expanding its reach to further educate the Australian community about the value of plants, and to encourage people to incorporate more green life into their homes and workplaces.

It was a message echoed by the Plant Life Balance team, which held its first ever consumer facing event in Sydney last week. Hosted at Newton’s A Loft Story on December 10, ‘Plant Tales and Cocktails’ brought together more than 60 consumers to hear from five panellists from various green backgrounds.

Panellists included:

The panellists shared stories on how incorporating plants into their lives had improved their own creativity, health and wellbeing. Group discussion also touched on sustainability, consumer trends, green infrastructure and how plants help connect people with nature.

The event marked the launch of the new Plant Life Balance content hub, which hosts more than 60 pieces of editorial content across people, plants, places, wellness, events and style. More articles will be added to the blog each week, and is available online at

It’s been a busy month for Plant Life Balance, with the announcement of four new looks that extend beyond the home and into our workplaces, cafes and shops. Designed by key influencers, the new looks show us how to transform spaces through clever green design and species selection.

The new looks are available to download and print via Plant Life Balance’s retail kits. Retailers can print and promote a range of PLB banners, flyers and plant tags, to help inspire customers and generate more excitement about purchasing plants.

Check out some of the latest looks…

Paradise Traders

This look was designed by co-founder of Koskela, Sasha Titchkosky. She created an inspiring retail space using a variety of leafy, low-maintenance indoor plants!

Heaven Scent

Created by renowned Landscape Designer and Director at Inspired Exteriors, Charlie Albone, this look shows how a garden path can be transformed into a floral, sensory utopia.

Keep an eye out for more Plant Life Balance events and updates to come in 2019.

This marketing campaign aims to increase awareness and connections between consumers and the nursery industry; growing the industry and understanding of the benefits of leading a greener life!