Presidents Perspective

Mike Mehigan - NGIA President

Mike Mehigan – NGIA President

Our industry has been through some dramatic changes during the last decade and undoubtedly this will continue without abatement. The number of our traditional Garden Centre retailers has declined as the hardware “boxes” have expanded. The emergence of Masters into the market has only hastened this phenomenon. Similarly the landscape sector both commercial and domestic has seen rapid growth in the last 10 years. Garden maintenance and lawn care have also experienced dramatic growth. As an association we need to work closer with these groups, forming alliances where we have common goals and lobbying government and politicians with a single united voice.
It is evident that many businesses within our industry have not embraced technology as quickly and readily as other sectors. During my term as President I would like to see a significant improvement in business skills and a substantial increase in the use of technology by our members. Unless we undergo a cultural change in the way we run our businesses many of us will not be trading for much longer.
Horticulture Australia who administer our Industry Levy are currently conducting a review of their operation with the focus on obtaining greater efficiencies. The consequences of this review are unknown but it is envisaged that they will have some impact on the way levy money is spent. I will keep you informed of developments in this matter and the implications for the industry.

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Mike Mehigan
NGIA President